What’s going on with this menopause?

  • Do you feel forgotten and lost now you’re in the full throws of the menopause?

  • Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes that no longer fit due to menopausal weight gain?

  • Are you ignored or misunderstood by medical professionals who only offer HRT, medication or surgery as a solution to your ailements?

  • With Look Divine, Feel Divine, your self-confidence will get the boost it needs. This program is the holistic and transformative approach to the menopause you have been looking for, designed for you, by someone just like you.

With Look Divine, Feel Divine, your self-confidence will get the boost it needs!

This program is the holistic and transformative approach to the menopause you have been looking for, designed for you, by someone just like you.

  • 1

    Module 1 - The Revolution Begins - Be Kind To Yourself

    • Mod 1. Intro Voice Over

    • Mod 1. Self Assessment. Reflections in My Mirror

    • Mod1. Self Assess How a Neg Body Image Affects my life

    • Mod 1 - Self Assess. Wishing Well Test

    • Mod 1 Reponses to Self Asess Outcomes

    • Mod 1 Self Assess - How I need to Help Myself Now

    • Mod 1. Self Assessment for change

    • Mod 1. Self Assess Self Confidence Test

    • Mod 1. Top Tip 2. Boosting Self - Esteem

    • Mod 1. Exercise . Personal Goal Setting

    • Personal Goal Setting Workbook

    • Feedback Survey Module 1.

  • 2

    Module 2 - Understanding the Enemy Within! - The 'M' Word

    • Mod 2 Intro voice over

    • Tool - Menopause Timeline Diagram

    • Mod 2. Fact File . Pearls of Wisdom, the Best is yet to Come

    • Top Tip - 5 Natural Buys

    • Tool - The Natural Way

    • Mod 2. Top Tip. Using Herbs to Cool Hot Flushes

    • Mod 2. Top Tip Principles of HRT

    • Mod 2. Top Tip Hormone Therapy - Research Summary

    • Mod 2. Fact File - Why do I put on weight

    • Tool - Food and Exercise Diary

    • Mod 2 Top Tip - Questions to Ask your GP about the Menopause

    • Menopause Quiz

    • Module 2 Feedback Survey

  • 3

    Module 3 - Preparing for battle !- Identifying Your Unique Shape and Wardrobe Personality

    • Mod 3. Intro Voice over

    • Tool - Finding your Individual style Colour Wheel

    • Mod 3. Psychology of Colour

    • Mod 3. Personalised Colour Analysis.docx

    • Mod 3. Personal Image & Personal Impact

    • Mod 3. Self Assessment How to Determine Skin Tone

    • Mod 3. Your Wardrobe and your Lifestyle

    • Mod 3 Feedback Survey

  • 4

    Module 4 - Making Excellent Progress. How do I Look ?

    • Mod 4. Intro Voiceover

    • Mod 4- Wardrobe Personality - Gamine

    • Mod 4- Wardrobe Personality - Romantic

    • Mod 4 - Wardrobe Personality - Natural

    • Mod 4 - Wardrobe Personality - Classic

    • Mod 4 - Wardrobe Personality Dramatic

    • Top Tip Mod 4 - Creating Balance & Proportion

    • Top Tip Mod 4 . Balancing Acts - Tall Woman

    • Mod 4. Top Tip Balancing Acts - Shorter Woman

    • Mod 4. Top Tip Balancing Acts - Fuller Figured Woman

    • Mod 4 . Top Tip Balancing Act - Very slim Figured Woman

    • Self-assessment - Balancing Acts for the Pear Shapers

    • Self-assessment - Balancing Acts for the Skittle Shapers

    • Self-assessment - Balancing Acts for the Apple Shapers

    • Self-assessment - Balancing Acts for the Hourglass Shapers

    • Self-assessment - Balancing Acts for the Brick Shapers

    • Self-assessment - Balancing Acts for the Bell Shapers

    • Self-assessment - Balancing Acts for the Cello Shapers

    • Mod 4 - The Grey Hair Debate

    • Mod 4. What is the Shape of My Face

    • Module 4 Feedback Survey

  • 5

    Module 5 - Evaluating Progress on Your War

    • Voice over module 5

    • Mod 5. Ladies in White

    • Managing Beauty Tips for Women Over 50

    • Mod 5. Fact File. SkinCare

    • Mod 5. Fact File Cosmetic Surgery

    • Mod 5. Top Tip. Sex and the Menopause.

    • Feedback Survey - Module 5

  • 6

    Module 6 - Congratulations! Celebrate the New You! The War has been won!

    • Module 6 Voiceover

    • Mod 6. Be Empowered

    • Mod 6. Top Tip - Rebrand Me

    • Mod 6. Exercise - Dear Body of Mine

    • Mod 6. Wheel of Life - Self Assessment

    • Mod 6. Wheel of Life Worksheet

    • Mod 6. Exercise Making Peace with Yourself

    • Mod 6. Tool- Self Affirmations

    • Mod 6. 5 Principles of Successful Transformation

    • Feedback - Survey Module 6

Why join?

This program has been designed by me, Zora Johnson who not only has over 30 years of professionalism working as a Clinical Practitioner, Trainer, Health Coach and Image Coach but also has real life and ongoing experience of what the menopause is like. I will guide you through the Body Image, Personal Impact tools and Colour analysis and styling tools I have developed to support women like you to overcome and manage the effects of the menopause. There is another way...

  • Register here https://youtu.be/GHrYL5_QBro for free access to the introduction webinar. This will give you a complete overview of the Look Divine, Feel Divine program. You will discover how you can make the most of your ‘second spring’.

  • Look Divine, Feel Divine is a 6-step program based on a 30-day plan. The plan is designed to be incorporated into your busy schedule as and when you need it.

  • There are 2 number of packages to suit your budget. With the Silver package you will have continuing online access to many other women on the program, be able to share your specific experiences, plus take part in four live personalised coaching workshops.


Included in all packages!

  • Faith in the Valley

    Lessons for Women on the Journey to Peace - Kindle Edition by Iyanla Vanzant

  • The Secret Pleasures of Menopause

    It’s time for you to step forward and learn to enjoy the best years of your life - Kindle Edition by Dr. Northrup

Choose your Revolution

All packages include the certified course approved by Institute of Image Consultants (IFIC) and flexible payment terms.

  • £49.99

    Online course tools and worksheet plus access to online forum plus 4 live Q&A calls

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  • £99.99

    Group coaching including online course, toolkit, worksheets, access to online forum, plus 4 live Q&A calls & 4 group coaching sessions

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    Corporate Access - Includes online course, toolkit, worksheets, access to online forum, live Q&A calls, coaching sessions plus a one-day Mastermind Class to Create your Divine Self

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Course Creator, Menopause Coach

Zora Johnson

Zora is one of the UK's rare Menopause Coaches. Her career has spanned three decades mostly in clinical and leadership roles.  However, her passion, and guilty pleasure for colour , design and style led to her to train as a Professional Image Coach in 2007.  Since then, Zora has combined her passionate for creating a safe space for women to explore menopausal issues, personal growth and style at this most crucial time of their life experience. Her goal is to empower every peri/menopausal women in an innovative way to make full use of this chapter of their lives. She is a rare phenomenon of stylish chic blended with a clinical past.


for Zora Johnson

Feedback for Zora has always been very positive.

by JL National Training Manager

Learners on the course consistently rated as Zora good through to excellent. Learners regularly gave praise for the help Zora gave during their respective training. Overall we were delighted with Zora’s professional competence and trainer performance.

Zora is a focused and organised individual who always maintains a high level of professionalism

by Tidal Learning

She inspires by her own efforts and willingness to lead by example. She is practical and pragmatic always seeing a task through to the end. Her most enduring feature is her ability to inspire and motivate.


Now is the time to be happy, regain your confidence and be comfortable in your own skin to, Look Divine, Feel Divine.